ISLAMABAD: Music icon Cher shared her delight after Islamabad High Court ordered freedom for a lonely elephant Kaavan.

Cher shares joy as Pakistan agrees to free lonely elephant Kaavan

Kaavan had become the subject of a high-profile rights campaign backed by US singer Cher.

"We have just heard from Pakistan High Court Kaavan is free," the singer and animal rights campaigner tweeted in capital letters, adding a string of emojis and saying she felt "sick".

"This is one of the greatest moments of my life," she said.

The Islamabad High Court ordered wildlife officials to consult with Sri Lanka, where the Asian elephant came from, to find him a "suitable sanctuary" within 30 days.

The court has also ordered dozens of other animals -- including brown bears, lions and birds -- to be relocated temporarily to while the zoo improves its standards.

Cher, who for years has spoken out about plight of the elephant, tweeted her thanks to the Pakistani government, adding "it´s so emotional for us that I have to sit down".


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