Brad Pitt has been one of the leading names in all of Hollywood, expanding his fan-base all across the globe.

How Brad Pitt ended up getting banned in China for almost two decades

And while he has become a household name in almost every country with his acting prowess and unmatched brilliance, there is one country on the globe that the actor was unwelcome in: China.

After the release of his filmSeven Years in Tibet, the Fight Club hunk faced a ban in China which final ed for over 20 years.

Pitt played the part of an Austrian mountain climber called Heinrich Harrer who ends up befriending the Dalai Lama during the period of China’s takeover of Tibet.

Soon after the film’s release, China became a hostile ground for all things involving Hollywood’s golden boy with all film s getting banned in the country unofficially.

This didn’t come to an end until 2016 when Pitt’s film Allied came out and the release in China lifted the ban off the actor because of it being partially financed by the Chinese company Huahua Media.