Prince Harry has touched upon the heated topic of racism once more in a newly-released clip where he urged the public to fight for change.

Prince Harry urges the world to defeat racism amid ‘crisis of hate’

The Duke of Sussex, 35, spoke on the subject during a virtual interview for civil rights organization Colour of Change’s initiative.

The short clip of the duke, that was released on Instagram, showed him heaping praise on the younger generation for taking things into their own hand and demanding change through their actions rather than just words.

Harry spoke to Rashad Robinson saying: “As we've discussed before, it is going to take every single one of us, this is not just down to the black community, it's going to take every single person on the planet right now.”

The comments on racism come days after royal expert Katie Nicholl said that the duke and his wife Meghan Markle had been immensely occupied extending help to charities working for COVID-19 relief and are now focused on shifting their energies into fueling the Black Lives Matter movement.

In the brief video, Robinson was heard saying: “Part of this work, part of this moment that we're in, is that making sure from analysis to action that we drive action toward structural and systemic change. Changing the rules that have held people back.”

Harry chimed in saying: “You say this so beautiful Rastough , and it's so true. There's so much that has happened for so long and once those problems exist, charity is crucial in so many ways but it can't fix the problem. The problems already exist, and are too big.”

“As I've said to you before, it's like bringing a bucket of water to a forest fire. We have to go to the root of the problem, the source of the problem, and actually fix it there,” added the royal.

He went on to praise the youth for taking charge and leading the world through this much-needed change.

“To be led by the younger generation and to act rather than just say, it's like okay so you've said it and now you've got to follow through with it,” said Harry.