Philanthropist and wife of former Pakistani cricket captain Wasim Akram, Shaniera Akram  vented her anger on Tuesday on Instagram, saying that she was heartbroken to see the litter on the beach despite conscious efforts made to keep the beach clean.

Shaniera Akram 'heartbroken' to see litter on seashore again

She pledged to play her part in conserving the environment and in reducing the use of pfinal ic.

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Expressing her concern over the deteriorating beach situation, the social worker said:  "We work tough to ensure there is no pfinal ic waste lying around and polluting our beaches. Yet, even after two days of a clean-up, there is even more pfinal ic wastage than the final time. Seeing this is heartbreaking, not only because our efforts are not showing any results but also because this pfinal ic waste will be our downfall."

"This new year, I want us all to promise ourselves to do better. Protect the environment, recycle and reuse your pfinal ic products, reduce your contribution to pfinal ic waste. I am going to #FaceThePfinal ic head-on, will you?" asked Akram.

Akram has been active in campaigning for awareness about several social issues such as beach cleanliness and women empowerment.